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Deepika Padukone leave Shahrukh Khan to meet Salman Khan


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Deepika Padukone was shooting for Happy New Year, with actor-producer Shah Rukh Khan at Mehboob studio. At another set in the same studio, Salman Khan was shooting for an ad film. It is common consideration for actors and filmmakers to go across to each other’s set and greet each other. And that was happening on both the Khans’ sets too.

While Dabangg Khan and SRK refrained from visiting each other out of courtesy, Salman’s sister Alvira and brother Sohail Khan paid a visit to the HNY set. Later, SRK’s leading lady went across to say ‘hello’ to Salman. She stayed on the set for over half an hour, chatting with her next hero (They will be seen together in Sooraj Bharjatya’s Bade Bhaiya).

Says a source, “Deepika is aware that even though they have called truce, things are far from fine between the two Khans. So it was actually brave of her to leave her set and go on the ‘enemy’ set.

She went across to meet him when there was a tea break in the evening where Salman was sitting outside his van. Even though HNY director Farah Khan is a good friend of Salman’s, she stayed away from him as her hero was on the set.”

Dippy and Salman spent a good 20 minutes catching up and engaging in social banter. Her latest film Ram Leela or her beau Ranveer Singh didn’t figure in the conversation. Salman is yet to see the Sanjay Bhansali film. After the conversation got over, Deepika walked back to her van and resumed shooting. The source adds, “Salman has been praising Deepika to a lot of people. In fact, on a chat show where he went recently he expressed great admiration and respect for her as an actress.

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