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Priyanka's Chopra Supports Her Cousin Meera Chopra


Priyanka Chopra's cousins Parineeti Chopra, Meera Chopra and Barbie Handa are trying to fare well like her in Bollywood. In a statement made a while ago to the media, Priyanka said that she would support all her cousins to make a mark in bollywood industry. "It has been a great journey till now. When I came here into the film business there was no one to support or back me or help me. I was not from film industry, I was alone. Now that I am here I will protect them (other Chopra sisters)," she said.

However, Meera Chopra isn't a new comer to the film industry. She has done couple of films in Tamil as well as in Telugu and has created new fashion trends and she is now all set to debut in Bollywood's Gang of Ghosts. However, unlike her other cousins, Meera has a miserable past. She was reported to be involved in the death of a lady, Ruchi Bhuttan in Gurgaon in 2011.

According to news reports, Meera had an alleged love affair with Ruchi's husband Sumit Bhuttan. They were rumored to have been in love even before he got married to Ruchi. Sumit wanted a divorce from Ruchi to marry Meera, however, when Ruchi refused, he fought with her over dowry demands. This deceptively made Ruchi commit suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan.

Soon after the investigation, Meera was continually under the police scanner, while Sumit was found guilty by the Court in 2013. However, now Meera has put her past behind her and is all geared up to make her debut in Bollywood. However, PC has neither openly denied that she's related to her nor offered help.

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