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Post split with Suzanne, Hrithik moves out of father’s house


Hrithik Roshan has started a new innings of life. Post separation with wife Suzanne, Hrithik will move to a new lush, sea-facing apartment in Juhu. Work in his new apartment has previously stated and the hunk will move in a month. This is the first time in life; Hrithik will be living distinctly from his parents.

As a source says, “Throughout his life, Hrithik has lived with his parents. This is the first time he will be staying on his own.” At this stage when he required the support of his parents, he chose to stay away from them. He might want to start life in a new way and at this situation, Hrithik wants some space.

Another speculation over his moving out of the house is said to be his ex-wife Suzanne. It is heard that Suzanne will be shifting to his old address and hence he has decided to move away. “But that makes no sense,” says an insider. “She is now living in her own place. Plus, the current house is interconnected with Hrithik’s parents’ house. After the separation, why would she want to continue living with the family?”

Another reason cited for Hrithik’s moving out of his house is differences between Hrithik and papa Rakesh over a period of time. “It’s been happening for a long time now,” says a source. “The last major problem between them was over the ‘inflated’ figures of Krrish 3. Hrithik is a straight-forward guy and he was never in favour of that. He always believed it would backfire and he was proved right.”

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