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Salman Khan Says He Will Attend Ex-Girlfriend Katrina Kaif's Wedding!


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Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, the hot models of bollywood, who were once dating each other, have long fallen apart. While Katrina is rumored to be dating Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan too has moved on in life. When Sallu was recently asked if he would attend Katrina's wedding, he said he 'would' if invited.

Nearly two weeks ago, Mirror had asked Salman Khan about his relationship with ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif, and he bluntly replied, "She used to be a friend, but today she is somebody else's friend. I respect that and I stay away because I don't want to give someone a reason to tell her, 'Oh you are still in touch with Salman.' The past should not intrude in the present."

Now, that's what's called a 'Gentleman'! It's well known that even after their split, Katrina and Salman have been very amicable towards each other. In fact, even today, Salman watches out for Katrina if he is around.

Few days back Katrina bumped into Salman Khan a while she was there to shoot for a commercial. Salman was at the time promoting his upcoming film there. According to sources, the two met at approximately 7 PM and chatted for nearly 15 minutes after which they parted. People who saw them together said that Sallu bhai even gave Kat a warm hug in the end.

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